Thursday, June 14, 2012

Response to 15+ Tips to Improve Web Accessibility

I gave feedback in the form of a comment for the article 15+ Tips to Improve Web Accessibility of a Website. But, yet again, my blog comment was not published. The article is not bad, just needed some clarifications. So since my comment wasn't approved (after several days), here it is:

Great points, although 4 have to do with forms. Some clarifications:
  • For alternative text on images, decorative images should have empty value (alt="") and linked images must have alt text describing target of link.
  • Relative sizing in CSS not as important as it used to be. [Most browser do page zoom by default and all browsers but IE can zoom text set in pixels.]
  • CSS vs table layout doesn't have any direct impact to accessibility.
  • Use ABBR tag for acronyms as well as abbreviations (acronym tag is deprecated).
  • For skip links, see end of this article for JS fix for functionality on some browsers:
And now that I think about it, the article overlooks pretty basic techniques such as data tables, captioning, and ARIA. For a more complete list of tips, see my 25 Ways To Make Your Website Accessible.

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